A Tribute to Coco

Authentically Being News   •   July 04, 2021

The 4th of July marks a year to the day that our beloved golden retriever entered our lives.  What an anxiety inducing dream come true that was.  For years, I’d been dog broody, intentionally walking on beaches to maximise potential dog pats and feeling those pangs of jealousy every time I saw people happily stroll on by with their perfect pooches.

Even though we were only blessed with her for a short while the lessons I learnt and the journey we went on during that time will be everlasting and I’d like to take a few moments to share some of the lessons we learnt.

1. When those annoying people tell you a dog is a huge responsibility, believe them.

So many people for so many years were like… “oh you want a dog?  They’re a huge responsibility”. I’d be silently seething inside wanting to scream “I know you moron, it’s not like I haven’t thought it through”.   But you know what, from the moment Coco entered our lives, it was relentless.  For all the imagining I did, the reality was much tougher.

2. For all the money you think you will spend on your dog, double it, triple it and know that you will spend even more.

Your dog deserves the world and even though you factored in food, insurance, vets, basic necessities you’ll still spend a fortune on everything else.  Extra treats in your bowl, you’ve got it (Sushi Rice and Chicken was her favourite)! Disembowelled your 7th teddy in 2 weeks? No problem, here’s another one. 4 different leads dependant on the walk, that’s totally normal.

3. You’ll l think your dog is the most special dog in the world, and you’re right.

To the world your pooch is just a dog but to you your dog will be your world.  Every time they make you smile or do something remotely comical it will reaffirm just how special they are. You will believe that your dog has been sent directly to you because they make you feel so good and all of this will be enough to overcome the days that they drive you insane, like coming home covered in mud and splattering the walls.

4. What you put in is exactly what you will get out.

The time you invest in training, walking and boundary setting will pay dividends in the character of the dog that becomes your family.  We took Coco everywhere we could from day one.  It’s the lifestyle we wanted and eventually she was one of the most polite patrons of any restaurant, she loved our friends and our friends loved her.

Well in my case, of course the answer is yes.  Even if just for such a short space of time she brought us abundant love, smiles and special moments as a family.  So wherever my precious fur baby is now, I hope she knows that we will always be grateful for the time we spent with her.

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